The Far-Right Analysis Network (FRAN) is a professional, transparent and global network of researchers, practitioners, and journalists.

FRAN is committed to analysing fascism, authoritarianism, supremacism, and the radical right/far right/extreme right so as to help counter it.

FRAN- through its fellow’s insights – seeks to promote cutting-edge scholarship, interventions, and policies to address contemporary threats.

FRAN provides expertise to those in the media and the public who wish to learn more about this issue.

FRAN is a democratic and transparent network that defends democracy and takes a democratic and transparent approach to its governance structures.

FRAN is committed to the values of transparency, diversity, inclusion, respect, pluralism, and dignity.

FRAN is an inclusive and progressive organisation committed to the wellbeing and scholarship of all fellows, with particular attention to protecting those frequently targeted by harassment, discrimination, and abuse, including female and non-cis researchers and those from the Global South and LGBTQ+ communities.